Drupal Theme, Darsch

Another theme for Drupal 5.x. This is a modified version of one old themes I've done.

  • Simple two column layout
  • Clean code
  • Standard compliant
  • Cross browser compatible


The project is located on the Drupal website too.

Bello, però per me che non sono un'amante del rosso, lo farei sulla tonalità del giallo-arancio... Per capirci, un colore simile ai titoli dei post sul tema che stai utilizzando ora sul tuo sito. La trovo una soluzione un po' più allegra, ma sono gusti personali.

Magari preparo qualche CSS aggiuntivo :-)

Hello, sorry I dont speak italian.
I like Darsch theme very much but now Im using drupal 6 so I can't use it anymore, are you planing an update for it to work with drupal 6?

ciao and thanks for that great theme

Hi Fran! Actually I've no plan to update it.

Hi, I'm sorry I don't speak Italian.

I'm trying to install fckeditor in a site using this theme (darsch), but is not working, do you have a clue what can I do to fix it?


just for the record: FCKeditor is a set of javascripts for editing HTML in the WYSIWYG style, this javascripts substitute the tags textarea with another textarea plus a set of controls for: font weight, font color, alignment, etc.

@Boclodoa: did FCKeditor work with other themes?

yes, it does. Right now I'm using the JazzLite theme with no problem.

if you have any information about this issue please tellme because I'm having similar problems with other themes.